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Mind Games

The Board Game

Educational, Awareness, Informative 


Mind Games is about obtaining the most personal boundaries or which Mind Games character can get to Safety first.

Players of Mind Games will explore traveling along the path of life where Coercive Control, Sexual Abuse, Financial Abuse, Emotional Abuse and Domestic Violence exist during the player journey.

A Life Skills game for everyone to understand the Mind Games people play. Quick leant rules, developing social skills, life events, emotions, dilemmas and feelings in a colourful fun way.


Will your Character hero’s life descend into chaos or will it all be plain sailing? Will you land on the Ladder of life or the Rope to destruction.

How will you choose your Mind Game next Character steps or will your Mind be controlled - only you decide.

    Available on Kickstarter Now

For further information or enquiries please contact by email 

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